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"I found a leak in my wall from an old water line. I used RCC Handy Services, to repair the sheetrock damage. It turned out great! And I learned a few tricks along the way. He is easy to work with and very funny. I would highly recommend his service again."



Jack & Val

Cumming, GA


"I had an electrical issue that I could not figure out by myself. I gave RCC Handy Services a call. He walked me through how to troubleshoot the problem. After that did not work, he came out with his tools and replaced an improperly wired GFI in my garage. He is amazing to work with."



Tony & Tina

Cumming, GA

"I used RCC Handy Services to trim a tree that had split in two after a small storm. He cleaned the tree from my driveway and disposed of all the trimmings. I would recommend his services to anyone needing help."




Jerry & Kit

Cumming, GA

"I have used several handymen in the past but non compare to RCC Handy Services. He pre-called and showed up on time every time. He painted, he also repaired my dry rot and stained our decks. Simply put he is highly recommended. I am glad I finally found an honest and fair priced company."



Mark & Marie

Cumming, GA

​"I had a pipe break above my dining room and in the garage. I used RCC Handy Services to replace the sheet rock damage to the ceiling. He made sure to cover the floors to protect them from any damages. He did a great job! I plan on using his services again soon."




Cumming, GA

"I recently put my house up for sale. I had numerous items to repair and fix. His price was more than reasonable and his work was professionally completed to my complete satisfaction. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends. Which, I have already done.”



Tuck & Mary Jane

Cumming, GA

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